Train Travel: Why Change?

Arcimbaldo_Why Change

Why change?

Trains bring out the pondering in me. So do ocean waves and secret gardens and front porches and good books and naps.

For one stretch of my trip, on the way back east from the desert, as the winterized land look sadder each state east we traveled, my heart picked up the sadness and I thought, “Why change?”


  • Why should one person always be asked to change?
  • Why do I want to change?
  • Do I want to change?
  • Who should request my change?
  • Who should be granted their request?

I didn’t ponder for answers like fishing in a pond for dinner.

I pondered for questions, like fishing for the bait to put on my hook so I can eventually reel in the answers.

Here is some of the bait I pulled from the pond:

Moleskine_Why Change

It was in my pondering that I realized …
(Well, look at the word count. It will have to wait for next post because I’m working on shortening my posts for you. Red heart)

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