Train Travel: The People I Met

Train Travel_The People I Met

Several thoughts struck me deeply on my cross-country trip. This one in particular: not a single soul – that I can recall – asked me to change. Expected me to change. Demanded or whimpered or sighed that I change.

Oh, one person let me know clearly how he felt about a situation. But even he didn’t ask me to change.

It was quite refreshing, to be honest. To be real. To be.

Even the angry career woman didn’t ask me to change. I didn’t ask her to change either. We just observed each other.

We both changed in a wee bit, I imagine, but we didn’t ask it of each other. We just let each other be.

Sure, we knew each other for only a few minutes or a few hours, but still. Even those who I’ve known for my whole lifetime – or theirs – didn’t ask me to change.

People Sketches

Here are the sketches I did of some of the people I met on my trip, whom I will tell you more about as time makes tracks.

I didn’t draw them to pass an art class (good thing, eh?), but to remember them.

Moleskine People I Met

To remember that they didn’t ask me to change, but I did.

Why? Because I met them.

REALITY CHECK: I didn’t draw family because, duh, who could forget them??? Winking smile

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