Beyond the Train: Meeting Temple Grandin

Meeting Temple Grandin Book Signing

Speaking of cows, I just have to tell you about meeting Temple Grandin! After the train trip, I worried that the adventures were over, at least until the next train trip. (More on that next post. Yah, I wasn’t sure the best order to place these, so I just chose one. Winking smile)

I worried that life would just be the same. And it will be. Unless I do something different. So I did. Among other local exploits, I went to college.

Now, that sounds impressive, but the impress was all my daughter’s.

Winter at College

I just tagged along.

As a local college student, Winter had the opportunity to get tickets for us to hear speak, in real life, one of our life champion influencers: Temple Grandin.

We saw the movie about Ms. Grandin years ago. Touched, inspired and encouraged (we especially needed it at that time), we strove to accept our limitations but also to be motivated by our strengths.

Educating Students[3]

So when my daughter said she might be able to get tickets to hear Temple Grandin speak, I squealed.

Yes, I squealed.

And when she actually got the tickets, I squealed again.



My daughter happened to have class at the campus that day, so I tagged along and played college student. I did everything except actually go to class.

I met her college friends and one of her professors – awesome people! I talked to geese. I bought Temple’s book from the bookstore. I read books in the library in a space egg chair.

Reading in FSCJ Library[3]

I drank soda from the cafeteria.  I sat by the Zen garden and thought thoughts.

Thinking Thoughts

I took a few pictures. I wandered the campus looking like I knew where I was going.

Educating Minds

I thought about taking a nap in the car, but it was time for Girlie Girl’s class to end, so we went out to dinner.

Then. We. Saw. Temple. Grandin. In. Real. Life.

Yes, it was phenomenal. If you don’t know much about her, I encourage you: learn.

She’s. Phenomenal.

Temple Grandin FSCJ

She calls herself “weird” but I think she’s phenomenal. She has autism and is brilliant and learns and thinks in pictures. And she likes cows. Yah, phenomenal.

Meeting Temple Grandin

My daughter got to ask her a question from the audience. During the book signing, I got to ask her a question one-on-one. Yah, phenomenal.

I finished reading her book between the time I wrote this post and am now editing it. “Thinking in Pictures.” It, too, is phenomenal.

In fact, it shook my word tree and I am going to do something different in coming months with this blog. It will still relate to our theme: Learning, Loving and Serving at Home and Beyond, but it will be well … different for me. Maybe because I feel a little more free to be me.  Smile

Before I get all excited going into the details of the book and this blog – you should read both! – I best close out this post.

So I Close With This

I worried life would be the same. It will be. Unless I do something different.

Do you ever feel different? Or that life should be?

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