Train Travel: After the Trip Blahs

After the Trip Blahs

Oh, directly after the trip, how my heart was filled to over the brim with stories and experiences and changes and memories of beauty and hope, of fears faced and fears respected. Even the dishes were a delight to wash!

I saw Van Gogh in every swirl of ketchup.

Van Gogh Up Close


Pissarro greeted me in the melted dairy-free cheese stuck to my plate!


Over time, the ketchup looked like ketchup and the cheese like cheese. Blah.

The laundry ceased to thrill me, no longer offering promise of glorious outings to come. Blah.

The piles became dirty cloth, swirling in the pit of an electric machine. Blah.

The routine happened. And I got bored. Really bored.

Even writing sounded boring.

  • Who cares what I saw?
  • Who cares what is out there?
  • Who has time to read the blathering of a middle-aged woman?

Yes, I was so down I even referred to myself as middle aged.

Then I got a headache, and a neck ache. And I didn’t go to physical therapy for a week. And I had two helpings of oatmeal cookie bars. For two days in a row.

Life Became … Bah … Normal

Life became normal again.

  • Were all the lessons I learned wasted?
  • Did they come and go so quickly?
  • Did the suckers of reality squeeze me into their roles for me so easily?

Yes. Yes, they did.

Goalless in Jacksonville

But I realized, through a conversation with my daughter, that the soul suckers got my soul because I didn’t have goals.

By September of every year, I have my new year planner. By October, I have my goals written down. By November, I have a plan. In December, I rest. In January, I begin.

Vague Time Fillers

But this year, my goal was to travel by train to see family and then to see what the year brought.

Now that the trip was over, no concrete plans tethered my soul. Just vague ideas of how I can fill my time before my next adventure.

I haven’t done this winging-it thing for decades. And I don’t think I like it.

Get Help with Goal Setting

So my daughter helped me create some goals, or at least got me looking in the right direction.

As I look forward now, I can also look back and see that all I experienced:

  • had value for the moment.
  • has value for the here and now.
  • will add value to the future.

NGA_Charles Sheeler

I don’t have to shelve the adventure as “been there done that.” I can carry the adventure in my new pocket called 2017 and beyond.

It won’t look like yesteryear’s pocket, but it will contain yesteryear.

And yestermonth.

And yesterday.

As I look forward to tomorrow.

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