Heavy on the Beyond

We’ve been talking a lot about beyond lately. What about home?

My home is a 1941 cottage. It started out small, got smaller (at least felt smaller) when the kids got bigger, now feels about right, and will feel big in about a year when my daughter moves away from home, if all goes according to her plan.

I guess that’s why I’ve been thinking “beyond” so much lately. I can’t imagine home without her. Of course, I couldn’t imagine home without my son either. And there he is all the way up in Maryland making his way in the world quite handsomely.

Room, Office, Home, Hotel

My son’s old room is my office. His new home is my free hotel. At least that’s what he calls it and I don’t mind. I like free! Living just a mile from the Metro that rides into DC, of course I am going to visit the Smithsonian and National Gallery of Art every chance I get.  Smile

Smithsonian Rock of Suz Dreams

I mean, uh, visit him as often as I can! Winking smile Red heart

Thoughts Straying is OK

But back to home. See? My thoughts still strayed to beyond. Maybe that’s ok. Maybe that’s where they should be right now.

I spent nearly my entire adult life caring for my home, for the people in my home, for the visitors to my home, and occasionally for my mother-in-law in her home.

Home, home, home. I’ve done home. I’m ready for beyond.

Desert 1

But still. My feet need to come home. My heart needs to beat at home, too. I can’t just figuratively die at home until the times come I can live beyond again, can I? And that’s my struggle. Is it yours?

Living at Home and Seeking Beyond

How can we live at home while we live at home?

I don’t have a herd of answers. That’s the reality of it. Some realities are like that. I’m just pondering with my fingers, as I tend to do from time to time.

If you find yourself having given and given and given at home and are seeking a bit of the beyond, just know it’s natural. It’s normal.

We just don’t want to cast away home for beyond. Or even beyond for the sake of home.

We can learn, love and serve at home and beyond.

I’m just leaning a little heavy on the beyond at the moment, while trying, praying to be content when I need to keep my feet planted in loose soil at home.


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