Train of Thoughts

Think Train Thoughts

One aspect of train travel that seems to bother some is all the down time. “There’s nothing to do,” they fret. “There’s nothing to think about,” they worry. But that’s rather why I like train travel.

On a train you get to think your own thoughts and do your own thing – as long as that thing fits within train guidelines, including the amount of carry on luggage you are allowed. Smile

Freedom to Think

Coupled with scads of notes taken on the train and beyond is a newfound freedom to express myself, especially after hearing Temple Grandin speak and reading her book, “Thinking in Pictures.”

Maybe it’s ok to be me, the way I was made, pondering in pictures and all.

Maybe the people who have squashed my soul into their boxes have too small of boxes.

Maybe it’s ok to write my thoughts, even if some of them are in process and not committed fully to the practice of reality.

A Train of Thoughts Arriving

With that in mind, the next, oh let’s say, herd of posts will be a series of train thoughts, not necessarily about train travel, but my train of thoughts while on the train.

Some are deep thoughts, some might be considered shallow. Some are solid thoughts I have put into practice, others are thoughts still in the mulling stage.

But don’t worry, I am going to break my thoughts into small chunks, so as not to overwhelm your internet scanning.  Open-mouthed smile

To practice that very skill, that’s all I have to say today.

Think Train.

Think Train Thoughts.

Think Thoughts on the Train.

Think Thoughts Beyond the Train.

Write Thoughts Thought On and Beyond the Train.


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