Train of Thoughts 4: Burial Satin

Burial Satin

The Thought

People die everywhere.

Even tiny snow-sifted towns.

The Application

Funeral homes are reminders of our own mortality.

No matter the imagery we surround ourselves with,

no matter the work we employ,

no matter the pain or heartache,

the joys or the jocularity

we suffer or enjoy,

we will all die.

The song, “If I Die Young,” is one of my daughter’s favorites.

Because she can relate.

I hope I never have to face her burial satin or bed of roses.

I hope I am long gone, waiting in heaven with our Savior.

This is why I am still at home after a 20+ year season of homeschooling.

I am home,

while she finishes college

and plans her move

away from home.

I want to treasure every possible moment with her because …

people die everywhere.

From tiny towns to sprawling metropolises with multitudes of medical professionals.

Along those very lines,

I miss you, Cathy and Debbie. <3


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