Train of Thoughts 6: DUDE, REALLY?!


The Thought

This one-sided conversation took place (within my own soul) on the crowded (unlike the photo) boarding platform of the Washington DC Metro:

DUDE! Just say goodbye to your wife and kid!”

“DUUDE! This is my first ride on the Metro all by myself and I’m scared!”

“DUUUDE! Do you SEE my rolly suitcase, pink and purple plaid pillow-filled pillowcase, overstuffed daypack and the panic in my eyes???”

“DUUUUDE! Just give her the kids’ backpack and get out of the way!

“DUUUUUUDE! The doors are about to close!!”


The Application

We don’t have to say everything we are thinking. But we do need to say everything we need to say to communicate honestly.

Whether it is something simple like, “Excuse me, I need to get on this train” or something far more complex.

I am sure you have your examples as I have mine, so I will keep this short and say what I need to say for now:


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