Train of Thoughts 10: Delays, or Where We Aren’t

Delayed By Freight

The Thought

Impatient for the train to arrive at our destination,

delayed by freight trains (again),

passengers got antsy.

Time was ticking and they were stuck.

I, being in no hurry to get anywhere,

was able to observe the anxiety rather than feel it.

This time, at least.

Many other times anxiety grips me around the neck like a chain I cannot break.

The Application

We ought not be anxious about where we are going.

We ought be thankful we are where we are.

In good times and bad.

Easy to write. Hard to live.

Yet, where we are, He is.

And even where we aren’t,

He is.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a gift you’ve been given! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and blessing my heart.

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