Train of Thoughts 12: The Green Ones

You Don't Have to Eat the Green Ones

The Thought

The Legacy Club at Union Station Chicago offered,

among other free treats,

Veggie Straws.

Think multi-colored cheese puffs without the cheese.

The green ones were made with spinach.

I like spinach, but spinach doesn’t always like me.

They have the tiniest bit of spinach I’m sure, but

traveling on a train makes me extra cautious for my tummy.

I ate only a few before I realized

I don’t have to eat any of the green ones

even if they are included with club admission.

The Application

If someone offers us something,

we don’t have to take it

if we think there may be a price

we are unwilling to pay.


That’s why Christ offering Himself on the cross was so phenomenal.

We are worth the price He chose to pay.

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