Train of Thoughts 15: The Mountain Man

The Mountain Man

The Thought

On that Amtrak superliner headed west

somewhere miles before the Raton Pass,

I met a man whose eyes sparkled

when he talked and when he listened.

We talked about so many subjects from politics to aliens,

from fears (of tunnels and more) to overcoming fears.

The geography begged to participate by

sparking memories and sharing science secrets:



glittering snow,

mountain formations,

dust storms,


icy ravines


wild wolves.

The Mountain Man had lived in

Alaska and Santa Fe

and now resides in Albuquerque.

He said Santa Fe is a great place to visit but not to live.

He suggested going to a story house there.

Something about aliens and forests and mystery,

sparking even more conversation about literature and adventure!

I didn’t ask his name

because I want to remember him as

The Mountain Man.

The Application

On a train or anywhere for that matter,

there is plenty of time for keeping thoughts to yourself,

but when you want company,

talk to – and listen to – your traveling companions.

They might just make your eyes sparkle!Sun


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