What’s Coming Up Roses?

I imagine you are wondering what’s going to happen on this blog in coming months since I’ve been away for awhile.

No, really.

I am imagining you perched in your cozy chair eager to read about the upcoming roses. 🙂

Yes, I know, I have an overactive imagination.

In reality, you are probably busy with your lives, reading email on the fly, answering texts hither and yon and participating in that (sometimes) beautiful world of social media. Or cleaning your house. Or playing with the kids. Or grandkids. Or taking a nap. Or reading a book.

But just in case reality is somewhere between my imaginings, here’s what will be happening at the cyber cottage.

Upcoming Roses at the Cyber Cottage

The Countdown!

  • Can you believe it’s nearly time to begin the 10-week countdown?! While I have a lot of writing/graphics to do in the next week, I hope you’ll get your shoeboxing shoes on and start praying, thinking, crafting, shopping, and conspiring with others! 🙂

– A few more tracks of Train Thoughts. (Although I could write a book!)

  • This time from my summer trip on which I experienced the Lord as my Shepherd in such a real way. Ahhhh, it was so tangible I lost my glasses at the YMCA just reminiscing about it. Remind me if I forget, yah there’s a story. 🙂

After that?

  • Well, my dear friends, I am in a twixt. No, not the candy bar. Bummer that they have dairy and they don’t like me anymore, ’cause I sure like them. Oh, wait, we’re not talking about chocolate, uh … just a second [looks for memory … found it!] I’m in a twixt between two, or three.

The Twixt

I’m not sure about keeping the blog going next year.

My dues, so to speak, are due in February.

Although my cyber hosts are lovely, it costs me money to keep the cyber cottage doors open. Not a ton of money, but enough to give me pause.

That’s not a plea for bazillions of dollars or a guilt trip. It’s just reality.

The writing door that funded the funds I have used to keep the doors open has closed. Hmmmm, so what to do?

Twixtal Options

I could put a PayPal button thing on here for donations. I already have an account, but is that cheesy? I mean, I am providing a service, but I just don’t know if that’s what I should do. Hmmmmm.

I could ramp up my crochet commission advertising, but again, not sure. Hmmmmmm.

I could call it a season and board up the windows. (Ha ha, I didn’t see that pun coming!)

It’s Your Turn

You may think blogging/writing on the internet is a solo endeavor, but really we’re a team. I need you, too.

Will you pray for me?

And if you do happen to have a bazillion* dollars laying around needing a purpose, I can certainly give you my PayPal info. 😀

Just kidding. Well, unless you aren’t. 🙂

Ok, hushing now so you can get back to your life and I can get those countdown posts written, graphic-ed, etc’d and such. 🙂

*Hyperbole in play; it doesn’t cost THAT much money to keep a blog going. Juuuuust enough to give me pause.

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