Meet Real Life Alex, Part 1: A Metal Circle

Photo courtesy of Samaritan's Purse

Alex Nsengimana, Rwandan genocide survivor and Operation Christmas Child recipient, recently visited our very own Chick Fila on Roosevelt Blvd in Jacksonville FL.

Through the kind attention of a friend I learned of his visit and through the kind chauffering of my daughter, I got to meet Alex in person.

My first thought as I recognized him eating his breakfast? He’s real!

Alex_He's Real

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Then scroll down for more about Alex and the shiny circle of metal …

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After hugs and reintroductions (I had interviewed Alex via a Google hangout in 2013), I noticed something I hadn’t noticed four years ago. A shiny circle of metal on his left hand.

Oh, How I Wanted to Ask!

I really wanted to know if that meant what I thought it meant. But I thought better of it (Why? I dunno, manners maybe? Or maybe I thought there was a chance Rwanda had a different custom for shiny metal circles on left hands? Or maybe I didn’t want to ask a dumb question? Yah, it was a combo. :-))

So we dove into sharing this and that, a sort of icebreaker of moments, if you will.

When Alex stepped away for a moment before we moved to the Official Operation Christmas Child Table of Chick Fila, Rhonda, a local Operation Christmas Child coordinator, mentioned Alex had gotten married.  Alex and Aimee

Ah Ha! It IS a Wedding Ring!

See how kind I am to you?  Red heart

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You’re Married!

Alex returned to the table to find me beaming. Open-mouthed smile

“You’re married!”

I hadn’t thought Alex’s smile could ever be brighter than it usually is, but somehow he expressed a few dozen thousand more watts when he affirmed his state of matrimony!

Phineas and Ferb Voice Meets Alex

“What’s her naaaaame?” I asked, suddenly reverting to a Phineas and Ferb tone.

“Aimee.” More beams, this time from eyes and smile.

“Where’d you meeeeeeet?” More P & F.

Committed to Two Callings

The story unfolded. I didn’t take notes because I was so enraptured by not only his apparent – very apparent – love for Aimee, but also by his commitment to Christ not only for his life and ministry, but for hers as well.

I don’t want to be in between God’s call and you,” he told her when they were discussing and praying about their potential future together.

“I would break up with you if you would choose me over God’s call.”

Oh, sniffle. I mean, for reals. Sniffles, tears welling, glances at my 20-something daughter-chauffer sitting next to me, our hearts meeting at the crossroads of faith and experience.

And then came the wedding pictures!

What joy to watch the Lord’s work in this beautiful young man’s heart and allow it to expand in widening circles through his love of a bride.

And it all started with a cow patty and a shoebox. <3


Meet Alex: The Series

Discover Ways to Learn, Love, and Serve

at Home ... and Beyond