8! Candy Isn’t Dandy – Operation Christmas Child Countdown

OCC Countdown 8

Change. It’s inevitable.

As nations grow – or dissolve – change happens.

As institutions increase – or decrease – change happens.

As individuals are faced with new – or old – circumstances, change happens.

Years Ago: No More Canned Goods

Operation Christmas Child and its ministry to children around the world via gifts packed in shoeboxes has not changed what is vital: its hope-giving message of Jesus Christ.

Message of the Cross

But some things have changed over the years.

Did you know it was once permissible to pack canned food goods in shoeboxes? 

Years ago this changed. People adapted.

Shoeboxing went on. 

Today: No More Candy

Once it was ok to pack candy, too, even as early as last year.

But not any more. Things have changed.

We, too, can roll with the change rather than getting our tootsies in a bind. Smile

It’s not about us, after all. 

OCC Thailand

Photo Courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse

Do the Simple Thing

Let’s do the simple thing. 🙂

Let’s just not pack candy in our shoeboxes and make life easier on everyone. <3

Yes, I know, children will miss out on the pepperminty smell of a candy cane, but they won’t miss out on the life-changing message of Jesus Christ dying for our sins on the cross.

They may not lick a lollipop, but they can accept the Savior of their souls.

And isn’t that the change we are all hoping to see?  Smile



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