Meet Real Life Alex, Part 3: Running

In between Operation Christmas Child countdown posts, I will be sharing details from my real life meeting with Alex Nsengimana, Rwandan genocide survivor and shoebox recipient.


Photo Courtesy Samaritan's Purse

Photo Courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse

 “Wherever the night found us, we pitched our tents.”

– Alex Nsengimana


During the Rwandan genocide, after fleeing to the capital city having watched some of his family murdered before his eyes in his village, six-year old Alex ran again.

And ran. And ran.

Through tropical terrain in tropical spring rains, Alex and his older sister and younger brother ran. Their aunt and uncle and thousands of others ran. For two months, they ran.

Target or a Target?

Cozy Top Cottage, my own little home, was without power for a few days after Hurricane Irma blew through. I had concern because my daughter has a chronic health issue made worse in heat.

But we had a Target down the road with air conditioning.

 Alex had no Target.

 Alex was the target.

Meet Alex: The Series

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