5! Little Things – Operation Christmas Child Countdown

OCC Countdown 5

It’s the little things, like …

  • Electricity
  • Running water
  • WiFi

… that keep our first world smiles smiling.

But we can’t pack power, H2O or Facebook into a shoebox, can we?

And that’s ok. Most of the children receiving our shoeboxes aren’t looking for those kinds of little things.

Why not?

Because those are the big things in their world! They are the infrastructure things that are beyond the scope of our simple shoeboxes.

Meeting Needs Through Little Things

When we pack shoeboxes, we are meeting a more personal need, a more intimate one, a human-to-human need, a God-through-human-to-human need: love.

The little things we pack …

… mean a great deal to a child who has little, or little left.

It’s Your Turn

Were you ever comforted by a little thing?

What little things do you like to pack in your shoeboxes?

Let us know in the comments. It’s a little thing to write a sentence, but a big thing to this ol’ blogger who reads them. Smile


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