3! Think Clean – Operation Christmas Child Countdown

OCC Countdown 3

Think Clean, Think Hygiene

Along with a toothbrush (remember to skip the toothpaste), add a washcloth and a bar of soap to your shoebox.


Flower Power Washcloth Pattern

I can’t get Alex’s story about the washcloth out of my mind. His story makes me appreciate the scent of my own soap.

… Which makes me appreciate the clean water I’m bathing in.

… Which makes me thankful for so many simple blessings.

… Which makes me look for ways to share my blessings.

… Which makes me pack shoeboxes.

… Which makes me share about shoeboxes.

… Which encourages you to pack shoeboxes.

… Which brings washcloths and bar soap (double bagged in zipped plastic bags) to children around the world.

… Which gives more children stories to tell about soap smells and washcloths.


No Wiggle Washcloth Pattern

If you give a child a bar of soap, you leave an imprinted scent on the world.

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