Meet Real Life Alex, Part 7: The Living Dead

In between Operation Christmas Child countdown posts, I am sharing details from my real life meeting with Alex Nsengimana, Rwandan genocide survivor and shoebox recipient.



 A fictional people group.


A fictional people group that represent literarily (not literally),

the feelings, sensations and experiences

of many non-fictional people.


Non-fictional people,

including young witnesses

of family members





who ran,

and ran and ran,

searching for safety.


Young children

whose screams were heard

among orphanage walls.


Young children

whose daylight hours

resembled the walking dead.

Zombie_Church of the Living Dead


This is not hype.

 This is not fiction.

 This is reality.


This is the reality of the Rwandan genocide.


This is the reality

Alex Nsengimana faced when he

opened a shoebox

given through

Operation Christmas Child.


This is the reality in which

many, many

shoebox lids

are still lifted



Listen to This:

Church of the Living Dead_MP3


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Meet Alex: The Series

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