Meet Real Life Alex, Part 8: Rat-a-Tat to Redemption

In between Operation Christmas Child countdown posts, I am sharing details from my real life meeting with Alex Nsengimana, Rwandan genocide survivor and shoebox recipient.

Imagine …

your friends have been massacred

in a church

because the priest ratted them out

to the men with the rat-a-tat guns.

Imagine the nightmares.

The screams.


The zombie-like existence


escaped freedom.


The freedom




Now imagine,

a church

offering a gift,

a shoebox of gifts.


But more than that,

much more than that

this church offers



And kindness.

And friendship.

And safety.


Imagine the power of redemption.

Photo courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse

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Update 11/7/2017: This post was written and scheduled to go live weeks ago. How heavy my heart feels that gunfire in a church happened here in the USA, just days ago. Texas, you are on my mind.

Meet Alex: The Series

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