1! Follow, Follow, Follow Your Shoebox – Operation Christmas Child Countdown

OCC Countdown 1

In past years, shoeboxes from Westside Chapel have gone to:

  • Madagascar
  • South Sudan
  • Mali
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • Burkina Faso

How Do We Know?

How do we know that’s where our shoeboxes went?

We attached a tracking device and follow it via Shoebox Cam all the way there!

Well, that’s almost true. Winking smile

We did attach a tracking device. For a few years, it was a bar code thingie. Now it’s a QR code thingie.

Follow Your Box

And yep, that’s (nearly) all I know about that.

Very Geographical

Somehow, through the magic of technology (and I imagine some sort of QR code-reading device thingie) an email appears in my inbox sometime around Christmas telling us the location that particular box will be going to.

Each box gets it’s own code.

It’s quite exciting, actually. Very geographical. (affiliate link)

Don’t forget, the suggested donation per shoebox for shipping/cameling/kayaking is now $9.

That’s quite a bargain considering where it’s going! Smile

1673NA - Namibia OCC


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