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Suzanne Broadhurst

Hi! My name is Suzanne.

Are you …

A home maker at heart?

An adventurer at heart, but home by circumstances?

Torn between home and beyond?

Do you …

Want to leave an imprint on the world?

Want to use your home as a base of operations? 

This is the place for you!

About the Logo

 The RoseThe Rose: a symbol of home, rooted, planted, tended. And sometimes thorny.


The Butterfly


 The Butterfly: a symbol of life and needs beyond the cottage door.



  The Rose + The Butterfly = Learning, loving, serving at home + beyond.

About the Motto: Learn, Love and Serve at Home and Beyond

Just because a homeschooler or homemaker is home doesn’t mean they always want to be home.

Hard Time Staying Home

Some homeschool moms, like me, would rather be on the go, on the run, on the move.

I liked to climb mountains, hunt yard sales, and bask at the beach.

I liked to go to libraries, to museums, on field trips. And I liked shopping. Always on the move, I could shop at the drop of a hint that we needed something.

Anything to get out of the house.

Home by PapaDaddy in Plastic Canvas

Home by My PapaDaddy in Plastic Canvas

Life as a 20-21st Centry Homemaker

I still LIKE to do all those things, when my health allows, but life isn’t best lived on the run.

I’ve run. I’ve walked. I’ve crawled. I’ve wheeled. I’ve strolled. And I’ve pushed myself to the point of exhaustion.

Now that I’ve been at life as a 20-21st century homemaker for awhile, I look back on my running days and I’m thankful to have learned to slow down.

I still have plenty to keep me busy, for the most part content, and many times down-home happy.

Through trial and error, I’ve discovered how we can:

Learn, love and serve at home,

** while we **

learn, love and serve beyond.

Without going crazy.

“Ya Got Yer Love in the Wrong Spot, Honey”

Some might suggest I have my “loving” in the wrong spot, thinking the motto should read: Love, learn, and serve.

True, in a perfect world with perfect people, I imagine it would.

But I’ve had to learn how to love (insider info: I’m still learning). It’s not always easy loving real live people.

Plastic baby dolls are so much easier to love than living, breathing humanity.

Winter and Baby Carriage

Before I could serve well, I had to learn to love well.  I’m still not perfect at either endeavor, but I’m working on it.  🙂

Learning is not linear.

It happens here, there, everywhere.

No Need for Perfection

The good news is we don’t have to wait for perfection at home to imprint on beyond. If that were the case, no one would get any love anywhere, any time soon, right?

But neither should we toss home to the ditch and focus solely on serving beyond. It’s easy (really easy) to do that. But what kind of life is that? Not one that I want.  🙂

I want to:

Learn, love, serve at home and beyond.

Don’t you?


About The Posts


I generally post twice a week and write about topics that support home-based learning, caring for ourselves and our families, as well as service to communities, both local and global.

Some topics I write about:

Colorful Hat

Winter in Hospital

Explore the Premises

I do a lot of my writing ahead, so what I post today might have been written a week or two – or four – ago. My hesitation with that is, if you know me in real life, what is happening in real life today may not be reflected in cyberlife today. And vice versa.

Peppermint Suz

But that’s the way life goes when real meets cyber. I’m hoping you understand.  🙂

Oh, and December is my sabbatical month. I get my One Word December posts lined up early, so I can spend time playing – and resting – during the 12th month.

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Discover Ways to Learn, Love, and Serve

at Home ... and Beyond

Why I Am the Way I Am

People – including myself – have been trying to figure this one out for over 48 years 49 years 50 years!

Suzanne's Shortcake

Who I Am: An Easier Question to Answer

I am a completed homeschooling mom with two young adults, one college graduate interning at Watchdog.org, one working on her bachelor’s degree in converged communications (yah, I’m jealous!) and both debt-free, I might add.  🙂

Suzanne Broadhurst

Now that they are living edu-lives of their own, I’m developing my own skills and interests – glimpsed from the corner of my eye during our 20-year home education adventure.


I’ve walked through the occasional and chronic storms of life, as well as waited out the doldrums. Through it all, God has been faithful to show His heart and His sense of adventure both at home and beyond.

Life Today

I live a full life as a wife, mother of a college student and a college grad (it’s still parenting, just a different flavor), homemaker/continuer, Bible studier, writer, professional volunteer and blog/graphic designer in training. Most of which I can do from home while I (seemingly continue to) adapt to health challenges.


As a volunteer, I:

I encourage individuals and families to establish their home as a base of operations, using their talents for causes that impact the world – and eternity.

By sharing a handmade gift – such as a crocheted pencil case in an Operation Christmas Child shoebox – or using our tutoring experience gleaned as homeschooling parents, we can let people know that God cares even in the midst of the muddy waters of the fallen world.

As a dabbler in money making:

I keep this blog running by crocheting, as well as writing regular blog posts and an occasional study guide for Bright Ideas Press. I also dabble with affiliate links on this blog.

If you’d like to help by ordering a crochet commission, advertising on this site or donating yarn, let me know. I’d be mighty blessed indeed!


My Contact Info

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Discover More Ways to Learn, Love, and Serve

at Home ... and Beyond


Techno Details: How I Make the Blog Do Its Thing

This blog is built on Word Press, using the Genesis theme, with the Prose child theme.  In terms of design, with the help of numerous websites offering bits of this and bunches of that technical advice, I developed what you see today.

I use my own photos (unless otherwise indicated), playing around with graphic design in the process.

For blog hosting, I can’t say enough good about Bluehost. They make my cyberlife easy and for a price I can afford. They don’t mind working with techno-newbies, while offering a deeper world to delve into when we are ready.

For full disclosure, this page contains affiliate links.

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