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Pretty crazy what we can make with yarn and a stick with a hook on the end, isn’t it?


Want to crochet a doll or animal?

Dolls and Animals

Looking for jewelry or accessories, like hats, shawls and scarves?

Jewelry and Accessories

We can always use more bags, totes, and cases, can’t we? 🙂

Bags Totes and Cases

Not much better in life than crocheting for the littles.

For the Littles

Think clean, think hygiene.

Think soap and water.


Begin with a shape, create a you-name-it!

Crochet with Shapes

Crocheting Circles

Crocheting with Canoes

 Crocheting for Causes

If you enjoy creating for causes,

here are a list of causes

and patterns to crochet for them.


Have you ever asked the question (or been asked the question): 

Why crochet?

Crochet 2_a

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Discover Ways to Learn, Love, and Serve

at Home ... and Beyond


 Looking for more patterns, thoughts, and ruminations?






  1. Eva Becker says:

    Hi. I’m new member looking for the corner to corner triangle shawl with the collar and turns into a scarf., It’s on face book but I can’t find it here. I have to have the written instructions. Your stuff is so cute. I’m glad I found you

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