Apple Mummy Desiccant

 Apple Mummy.jpg

I looked for a simple, two-ingredient Mummifier Recipe easy enough for me to remember, but most of the ones I found were pretty complicated.  I mean, if the result isn’t perfect it’s not like the apple is going to suffer in the afterlife of a cobbler or anything.

So here’s a simple version of apple head mummification:

  • One apple
  • One box of baking soda (regular yellow-orange box size)
  • One container of salt (the regular ol’ cylinder size)

Peel half the apple.  Carve out a simple face on the peeled side – eyes, nose, mouth.  (Basically wide poke holes.)

Pour a little over the half the box of baking soda into a big bowl.

Add the container of salt.

(Ratio is approx 1/3 baking soda to 2/3 salt.)


Pour half the mixture in a jar big enough for everything.  Place apple in jar.  Fill with remaining mixture.

Shake a little.  (For effect, turn on Steve Martin’s King Tut and do a funky Tut dance while gently shaking the jar.)  Smile

The Waiting

Create a Do Not Eat, Touch or Disturb the Mummy sign.

Wait at least one week.

Excavate with spoons, so no mummies are harmed in the making of this experience.

This guy was in “dry dock” for a month:

Apple Mummy

Enjoy time with your mummy!

(But do not eat the mummy!  Nor the now somewhat crunchy desiccant!)

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