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Books influence for good or for evil, as a blessing or a distraction
– and sometimes the blessing of a distraction!


Winter Reads in a Tree

Are you raising a child or two who think outside of the box?

Or do you struggle with *non-standardized* thinking in your own mind? 

Who Me, Crazy Mom

This book rescued me from going crazy trying to keep up with my children – and my own thoughts.

Books, Books, Books

Click here or scroll down for a few book reviews.

You’ll also find quite a smackerel of books on my Goodreads page, where I find myself binge-adding when my body can’t keep up with my brain.
“Think, think, think.”
― A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Books are nutrients for the soul.
We need all the literary food groups, and even a little soul-candy from time to time.


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In my nearly over 50 years of living, I have found there is One Book that offers truth, sanity, peace and comfort in a fallen world.

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