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  1. Noreen Lee says:

    Hi, It is Noreen again, I started a group at church (although there are few who crochet at church + a few of my co-workers; there are some who have done sewing). Our first donation month we had 60+ scarves for the Montana Rescue Mission in Billings… about 2/3 were made of flannel and the last 1/3 were crochet- most using your 2nd pattern. One beginner is learning how to crochet and is making one for future donation. Our 2nd month we had 18 flannel scarves, 12 crochet scarves, and 2 hats. I am hoping to finish a modified personal care project for people… Make some felt Easter baskets- put in things like tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, and crochet “Baby Bunny Wash cloth”. In line 12 of this pattern it says (*1 hdc in next 3 stitches, 1 hdc pt st), repeat form (* to) around all 4 sides of the cloth, join and tie off. I can’t find directions for the hdc pt st… Stitch code at top indicates pt st is picot stitch… that I know do ch3 then insert hook into the bottom one of chain before going on… how would the hdc pt st work? It appears to be a little bump/ decoration on border… I skippped it on the first one I did… http://www.allfreecrochet.com/Baby-Toys/Baby-Bunny-Wash-Cloth
    I thought this might be a cute way to give personal care items to people in women’s and family shelter… I still need to contact them to see how many they think they might need/ want- time is getting short…

    • How wonderful, Noreen! Wow! Your group has been busy busy! Crocheting is such a gift – to the maker and the receiver. 🙂

      I haven’t made any of the crocheted Baby Bunny Wash Cloths myself, but I am thinking a hdc pt st would be: hdc, ch 3, hdc in 3rd ch from the hook, rather than the traditional sc or sl st.

      It probably makes a bigger bump, which then seems to translate to cute little points on the bunny ears. 🙂

      I’ve made washcloth bunnies from store-bought washcloths (so cute!), but never thought of making them out of the cloths I crochet! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

      Please send your group my love and helloes! If you have a way of getting photos to me (my contact page is linked at the upper left corner of the page), I’d love to post them on the blog. 🙂

  2. ConnieAnn LaPointe says:

    I love to crochet and have sold some of my hand-crocheted items on Etsy. I would love to help make things for the homeless, but I can’t follow patterns! Can I just make them similar to what’s in the photos? Could you send me the scarf measurements, tell me what type of yarn is used, etc.?

    • Creativity is certainly welcome when it comes to crocheting for charity, ConnieAnn! Hmmmm, the scarf measurements … it’s been awhile since I made these, so I’m going by my memory (uh oh!). I’d say, somewhere around 8-10″ wide and about 4 feet long. It’s better that they aren’t too long, so they don’t get caught on things they are carrying. Oh, and I use worsted weight yarn. Darker colors are better than lighter. Thank you for caring for the homeless. They are just like us – cold in the winter!

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