Crocheting in the Oval


Crocheting in the Oval

Sometimes, we crochet along a chain working back and forth.

Sometimes, we crochet in the round, around and around.

Sometimes, it is helpful to work in the oval.

Photos of actual crocheting in the oval

are at the end of this post.


How to Crochet in the Oval

Begin with a foundation chain.

SC in 2nd ch from hook, and SC across to end.

Crocheting in the Oval Step 1

In the last ch, add an extra SC.

Flip the work so that you are now crocheting in the bottom of the foundation chain.

SC across.

Add an extra SC in first ch when you get back to the beginning of the oval.

Crocheting in the Oval Step 2

Now, all you have to do is SC around the oval,

just as if you were working in the round.

Crocheting in the Oval Step 3

I use this design basic for creating

many of my bags, totes and cases, such as

pencil cases, small goodie bags, purses,

gift bags, and even larger totes.

Bobble-Bright Travel Bag

Oh and the baby cowboy hat, too!

Here’s what the process looks like in real life:

DSCN0440  DSCN0441

DSCN0442  DSCN0444

DSCN0446  DSCN0448

DSCN0447  DSCN0449

If you are making a bag or a tote, be sure you don’t increase stitches as you work in the oval.  Just one stitch in each stitch.

If you do increase on the ends of the oval, you end up with a rug:


 Which would be perfect for a dollhouse-themed shoebox for

Operation Christmas Child!

More crochet here …

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