Educational Choices

Before my babies were born – dear gravy, before I got pregnant! – I knew I wanted to homeschool.  I didn’t have much information about the subject, but I had a public library.

The few books on the subject and my own curiosity led me to conclude, yes, there is only One Way for me to provide an education for my children.


And that way – for us – was homeschooling.

My husband had been convinced it would be a positive bend in our  family paradigm by a group of homeschooled children in a YMCA program he coordinated.




Words he used to describe the participants.  And not just the children.

“Must be something to it.”

So years later, when the little ones – all two of them – started to arrive, so did the big brown truck.  And the mailman.  And the curriculum bills.

We spent some pennies and it has been worth every one.


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