Getting Started: Homeschooling

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Step One:

Get your children busy learning.  Something, anything.

Have them:

  • Read a book.
  • Watch a science show.
  • Dig in the yard.
  • Write a wish list. If I could learn anything, I wish I could learn …

Step Two:

While the children are busy reading, watching, digging or writing, learn all you can about homeschooling.

The first thing to learn is:  How to homeschool legally in your state.


Step Three:

Ask the children what they have learned and what they want to learn.  Before you buy curriculum. 🙂


Step Four:

Buy curriculum and a few educational luxuries.


Step Five:

Keep learning as a family.


Step Six:

  • If you get weary, take a break and go have some fun.
  • If you get sad, help someone else.
  • If you get cranky, take a nap.  🙂


Favorite resources to get you started:


Home School Legal Defense Association

Scope and Sequence

1000 Good Books List

Bright Ideas Press Curriculum

Suz Talks Homeschooling on Bright Ideas Press Blog

 And don’t forget your public library!


More about homeschooling…



This post contains affiliate links. Every little bit helps keep the blog running and the shoeboxes filling. 🙂

[Updated 2/27/2015 for clarity and ease of reading – I’ve learned a lot about blogging in 3 years!]

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