As much as we attempt perfect health – some of us attempting at perfect homeschooling, as well – sometimes the reality is: many bits of life are beyond our control.

Not beyond our influence, but yes, beyond our control.

Sometimes we need a bit of help coping with real life.

Sometimes we just need to talk about it.  Because, sometimes it’s just plain old fashioned nice when someone listens.


Annies-Got-Ears.png My Big Sis, Annie


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Homeschooling and Chronic Illness: A Little Support

Sometimes we need a little support, just a word of encouragement to keep going when the bookshelves are misty-eyed from lack of attention, while our (or our children’s) health gets to sit in the front seat.  Or sometimes, we need … Read more


Pollen Season

Living in Jacksonville, Florida, announcing it’s Pollen Season is like saying it’s Beach Season.  When is it not?  Read more


Allergies and Malnutrition

Almost malnourished.  Good luck.  Two statements I’m not sure should be heard in quick succession.  But ... Read more


Allergies and Malnutrition, part 2

And read more


 Blended Meals and Blender Tips

When life heats up …  or you just want something easy.  Read more


Our Favorite Lunch*

Just so good, so easy, and once we buy the ingredients and have them on hand, so (how shall we say?) cheap, but oh so gourmet.  Read more


Food Allergy Networking

We don’t get answers in a vaccuum, and we don’t always get them all from one place.  Here’s a good place to start!  Read more


Medical Travel: A Packing List

 Whether we are going for a night, for a month, or for Who-Knows-How-Long, here’s a packing list that can help you remember (most) everything.  Read more


How an Immune System is Like a Tropical Storm

 I wish I didn’t have to plan for either one to come knocking on our door – or attempting to bust it down – but I do, so it’s best to be prepared.  Read more



It’s About Hope

 Crazy how our kids turn our hearts inside out and our lives upside down.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Would they?  Read an excerpt from my daughter’s book.


CyberHealth: Fallen Asleep Syndrome

 Are we asleep at the switch?  Or is it just our foot?  Read more


One-Thinging for Health

 When life hurts too much to do our to-do’s.  Read more


The Quest

Where do we start when the doctor says, “Good luck with that”?  Read more


Allergic to Car Rides

Happy kids turn grumpy when they get in the car?  Maybe it’s time to kick out their companions!  Read more


Storing Food Allergies

What do you do when some members of the family really, really want something that other members of the family are really, really allergic to?  Read more


From Opa to Anaphylaxis

That was Friday night.  And we were out of town.  So we ended up at a hospital new to us.  And they helped her.  Even out of town on a cloudy evening … Read more


A Reality Check in the Midst of Relationship

I cried out to God in prayer – out of relationship, knowing He knew my tears were overflowing emotion, not manufactured manipulation.  Read more

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