Basic Dairy-Free Cream Sauce Recipe


Here’s a simple recipe for a basic cream sauce, sans the cream.  🙂


1 TBS dairy-free margarine (or your favorite oil, such as canola)

3 TBS flour

1 cup (or so) of dairy-free milk*


Melt the margarine (or heat the oil) in a small pan.  Add the flour, stirring well.  It will probably be glumpy.  Keep stirring on medium heat until the flour is well incorporated.

If you keep on stirring until the mixture begins to brown you will make a roux, such as used in gumbos.

For a basic cream sauce, however, I prefer to begin slow-ish-ly (but not too slow) adding my liquid, in this case the soy milk, to the flour mixture before it begins to brown, while continuing to stir over medium heat.  It may appear glumpy, but as you keep stirring and adding the liquid it should begin to all meld together into a versatile cream sauce.

If I’m making a cream sauce for creamed peas,

I add the juice from the canned peas and a tsp or so of sugar.

*We use a store brand soy milk most of the time, but have also used Vance’s Dari-Free Powder.  If you use Vance’s to make the cream sauce, be sure to mix the powder per the instructions on the can before adding to the flour mixture in the pan.  🙂




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