Dream Brewery: An Office at Home for Beyond

Dream Brewery

Do you work from home? Or volunteer from home? Or just need a quiet place to think deep thoughts at home?

Curious about my answers? They would be: Yes, yes, and yes.

That’s why I have often dreamt of a room of my own.

First Dreams First

It took quite awhile for me to see this dream come true, but I had more important dreams to work on coming true first.

Mainly, raising and homeschooling my children.  🙂

Now it’s time for new dreams to brew. And it’s lovely to have a dream brewery to do it in.

Gallery of the Dream Brewery

It’s Your Turn

  • What dreams have you had? Are you still dreaming?
  • What steps are you taking toward your dreams?
  • Is this the season for them?
  • Or are you working on other dreams now, while dreaming for the future?

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