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Mondays are for Homeschooling

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Homeschooling: What’s the Message

Although I struggle with consistency in sending the right message, here are a few sticky-notes of message ponderings that I ponder from time to time.  Read more


Homeschooling High School: Electives

I was a wee bit worried about upper level core subjects approaching high school as a home school parent, but I was more than nervous about the electives … Read more



Having trouble communicating with your family?  Me, too.  So I tried something new … Read more


This is a Homeschool Website:  Why Evangelism?

Isn’t homeschooling supposed to be about books and curriculum fairs and math tests?  Read more


Color for a Cause

Why color?   Coloring offers an (inexpensive) way to relax, to slow down, to focus our minds and thoughts without having to focus our minds and thoughts.  Read more


The Secret to Homeschooling:  Birth to Graduation

It was a breeze.  Homeschooling, I mean.  Every day a delight, never a problem, never a challenge.  Immediate obedience, spotless home, heavenly moments on earth.  Then I put the book down and got pregnant…. The tricky part was … Read more 

The Week Before College

Raising children is an exercise in job de-creation.  As one gets older, wiser being a parent, the children need you less as one.  Or so it seems, especially so, the week before they go to college.  Read more


When You Want to Run Away

Just shut life off at the spicket, that’s all we ask.  Read more


Must Read Book for Homeschoolers, Moms & Humans

Few books make it to my Must Read List, but this is one of them.  Read more


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This post contains affiliate links.

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