Whether you are thinking about it, planning it, or already doing it, here are a few of many homeschooling posts to help you get started, get going, or keep on keepin’ on.

Mondays are for Homeschooling

Where Life Meets Homeschooling

Oh, how many places life crosses the path of homeschooling, and homeschooling the path of life.

Making the Homeschool Decision

I had been educating my children since the moments they were placed in my arms – nineteen months apart – bundled in so many more blankets than I realized –  until the first diaper change.  The first lesson I remember teaching … Read more


Making the Homeschool Decision, part 2

How we went from the womb to the school room … Read more


Homeschooling Realities

As a new Christian back in the 80′s, viewing an early version of an end-times movie, it made sense to me that in Christ I had not received a ticket to the perfect life on earth.  I was ok with that because the offer of life in heaven was a gift itself.  But somewhere before … Read more


Homeschooling Realities, continued

When the ducky lifted her head out of the sand, the sun glared so brightly she had to blink to breathe.  But in each blink, in each breath, she asked God for help to live above sand-level.  To live … Read more


Homeschool Plan

I had such a good plan when I first started out.  A great plan, even.  IF I were going to be a classroom teacher of 25 rather than a mom of two.  I discovered something about myself in those early days of Idealistic Plans meets Realistic Life-living: I really wanted to teach … Read more


Jellyfish and Frogs:  Watercolor Crayon Art

Through all the waters of all the homeschooling seas, God has been faithful, and I can toot His horn of rejoicing!  Read more


Algebra Tutoring and Monster Trucks

When we’re done with math, we talk trucks.  Read more


History Timeline: Notebook Style

The kids are little, history needs to be taught, but where’s the time?  On the line!  We put time on the line … notebook-style!  Read more


Researching Writing Curriculum

One thing better than writing:  Research!  I think that’s why, literarily, I want to be … Read more

Japan: Design Your Own Kimono

FREE Design Your Own Kimono coloring page and a few links to help your studies.  Read more


Homeschool Retirement:  A Different Kind of Fun and Games

 Now that I’m retired from homeschooling with two in college, I had the impression it was going to be all fun and games from here on out.  Well, it depends on how one defines “fun and games.”  :-)  Read more …

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