Learning at Home and Beyond

What we learn exerts a powerful influence on individuals, on communities, on cultures.


Baby and Grant

Our educational influence begins early, growing as the children grow.

One of the many enjoyable bits of teaching our children at home (full-  or part-time) is we get to learn so very much ourselves while spending time with our children.

And we get to make cool things with them, like Apple Mummies.  🙂

Apple Mummy.jpg

Keep Learning, Keep Growing

Parents get to keep learning, too. If we want to.

If we stop growing as adults, one day we may look back and find that our children have grown, but we haven’t.

Ever adding to the buckets of wisdom we can glean from God’s Word, we should also keep an eye on developing our skills.

For example, while homeschooling and caregiving, I picked up my crochet hook again and added knitting to my yarn skills.


In the early days of parenting, I did some writing behind the scenes.

As the children got older, I began writing and blogging behind the screens.  Talk about learning new skills!

It’s good to keep learning, to keep growing, to keep testing what we know with what there is yet to learn.

Family learning doesn’t have to end after high school graduation, either.

With a foundation of trust, mutual love and a growing understanding of our very passionate natureseven if not total agreement

most of us can even talk politics and stay friendly.  🙂Love-of-Siblings.png

Speaking of politics, my son (pictured above) is interning at the Koch Institute/Franklin Center this summer.
And speaking of interning, my daughter (pictured above) is interning at First Coast Women’s Services.USA


What we learn at home affects beyond.

Do you love books?

Me, too!

Books help me relax, learn, grow and giggle.  Here are a few books I’ve been reading.

What pages have you been turning?

Explore Books

Books are nutrients for the soul. We need all the literary food groups, and even a little soul-candy from time to time.


Be Passionate About Learning

Be passionate about learning and your children will join you.


Learning frees us to discover the world as it is: an edu-oyster waiting to be shucked!


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