Physical Boxes

Some boxes are physical.

We see or feel them:

Some physical boxes we treasure,

and some we would like to escape.

Strangely, each box is treasured by some, but certainly not by all.

Some people love to stay home, others feel imprisoned.

Some feel at home in prison, but freak at freedom.

We know computers come out of a box, and yet they can make us feel like we live in their boxes.

That leaves cars and chronic illness.


I used to live inside the box of my car, until health challenges put the brakes on that escape.

And so … chronic illness:  A physical box with an emotional component.  One that offers homeschooling a new spin.

Sometimes we spin clockwise, and sometimes counterclockwise, but it’s usually not in the same direction for long.

Physical boxes are made to be lived inside of and outside of.


Think about your boxes …

Boxes: Do you like living in them?  Or out of them?


I like living in boxes and out of them.


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