Spiritual Boxes

Some boxes are spiritual.

We learn from them:

  •      God is
  •      God isn’t …
  •      God was …
  •      God wasn’t
  •      God will …
  •      God won’t …
  •      God can …
  •      God can’t ...

Some spiritual boxes are goodVery good, even.

The box of God’s Word and His will, wow.

That’s a good box.  A very good box.

I’m not always content in His box, but I sure should be.

Peacock by Winter Broadhurst

One Problem with Spiritual Boxes

God loves us more than peacocks – and to my daughter, that’s a lot of love – so how much more should we trust Him who made us, who loves us?

If He has a box for us, we should want to want to climb in.

So, that’s one problem with spiritual boxes:

Some boxes are amazingly good but we don’t want to climb in.

Another Kind of Spiritual Box

Then there are the other kind of spiritual boxes. 

The ones created not by the Creator, but by the created.  Not so good.  Not always, anyway.

Silly us, we tend to crawl into those boxes much more eagerly than we do God’s box.  Must be the immediate affirmation we receive.  The temporary immediate affirmation.

All that to say, I write about spiritual boxes. That may encourage you – or that may distress you. But either way, I’m just the messenger.  🙂

Maybe one day I’ll get brave enough to show you a sketch or two from my journey out of some of them because life isn’t always polished silver.

Think about your boxes …

Who made the box?



I like the safety of boxes and I like the freedom of boxlessness.


More about spiritual boxes …


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