Packing List for a Stay at Ronald McDonald House

Whether we are running out of the house in an emergency situation, or we have months to plan for our medical journey, packing and planning can be a challenge!

At the Clown's House

Since we’ve gleaned a few medical travel skills from experience staying at three different Ronald McDonald Houses in two states (and have volunteered in a fourth House/third state) we’d like to make your moments away from home a little easier.


Here is a Printable Packing List for Ronald McDonald House we’ve compiled over the years.  We hope it can be of help!  And we pray your stay is peaceful … and successful!

Packing List for RMH

Every House is different, so our experiences may be unique to the Houses we have stayed in.  Be sure to contact the RMH you will be staying with for their guidelines and recommendations.


We are thankful for our home and we are thankful for the House.


Learn more about Ronald McDonald House.


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