Yo, Ho, Ho and a Pitcher of Lemonade!


It was a beautiful spring day, and the pirates were calling.

We boarded their ship and took over the helm.  It was our boat now, mateys!  Set sail for somewhere!

Oh those were the glory days of homeschooling.  The kids were young enough to enjoy play, old enough to interlace reality with fantasy, and mature enough to know the change in Mama’s tone when she commanded in her Captain of the Ship voice, “Unfurl me, kids” meant, “Unfurl me, NOW, kids!”


Our pirate ship was a hammock, strung between fence and fence, tucked into a corner of our Secret Garden, so secret that the flowers hadn’t even found it yet.  All the better to sail the Seas of Somewhere with my two precious loves!

We would send the Galley Slave back through the prickly, weed seas into the landlocked house to fetch lemonade and sea rations.  It was a dangerous job, but so was facing scurvy!

I had hoped we had pictures of those arrr-matey days, but alas, we were having so much fun having fun, it looks like we may have forgotten to take pictures!  (But I’ll keep looking hither and yon amidst those forbidding seas of to-be-scrapbooked photos.)

I hope you, too, get caught up in the glory days of homeschooling and forget to take pictures – or forget where you stashed them!   Oh, for more sails on those high seas!


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