Pollen Season

Living in Jacksonville, Florida, announcing it’s Pollen Season is like saying it’s Beach Season.  When is it not?

Maybe a few days out of the year it is a little less pollen-y and a little less beach potential-y, but if you have the right equipment every day counts in the pollen count.

And by equipment, I mean a rain jacket for the beach and a sensitive nose for the pollen.  Or lungs.  Or skin.
Rainbow at the Beach
Walking on the beach in the rain is one of my favorite outdoorsy events.  Having a stuffy pollen-head?  One of my least favorites.

I like rain and breathing.

My family deals with a lot of allergies.  And I don’t just mean the sniffles.   But I’ll start with those.
Along with a box of tissue (make that a hefty supply of boxes and a box of Hefty’s to put the used ones in – can anyone say ewww when they find a used wad in the craft supplies container?) we found National Jewish Health’s recommendation of a sinus rinse kit to be just beachy for the nasal passages.

Although the initial sensation in their use feels like you’ve been to the beach – and sucked in half the population of krill along with their watery habitat – hang in there, and blow your nose.  Well and often.  

There’s something cleansing about salt water up the nose and back out.


Or  maybe just grab the bathing suits for some

on-location plankton sucking!



UPDATE:   National Jewish Health recommends using distilled or sterilized water when using a sinus rinse kit per CDC guidelines.




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