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  1. Noreen Lee says:

    Hi, Looking for loom free written patterns for loom knitting of baby blankets for donation to charity. I can find numerous loom patterns for hats but want baby blanket pattern, using loom for some women who do not crochet but want to make baby blankets. I have made a few loom knit hats for donation myself; however I prefer to crochet. Some of the women in group do not. Our focus this month and next is baby/toddler blankets for La Vie or Family shelter in Billings. Have spent hours looking for simple free pattern on line.

    • Hi Noreen,

      Here’s a link to the doll blankets I’ve made using loom flowers. You could make them larger by adding more squares. I found the directions on how to create crocheted items using loom flowers on Ravelry. Here’s my Ravelry page about loom flowers. I hope that helps!

      What we found works beautifully is that the loom lovers make the flowers and the crocheters piece them together for hats, blankets, etc. 🙂

    • I didn’t realize there was such a thing as a knitting loom to make items that are actually knitted. The only looms I’ve seen are for making flowers and pom poms. 🙂

      Always more to learn!

      So I did a little more checking on loom knitting and found these free blanket patterns on Ravelry.

      Hope it helps!

  2. Thank You! I really appreciate your looking for some free patterns for loom knit baby blankets. When I had look I couldn’t find any… must have put in too much or too little information for search to work. One of the seniors at church has made some of the baby cocoons but has used rather heavy yarn. When things sort of return to normal, I have out of town relatives coming I haven’t seen in more than 10 years, I’ll work on some for donation. Although to be honest I’d rather crochet one than loom one at this time. Maybe if I get the right kind of yarn, a simple but interesting pattern, I’ll find I like loom knit better than I do at this time. Some of people I know won’t either crochet or knit anymore… just loom knit. I an glad that my question meant we both learned something… My mom used to make blankets with loom flowers but I never learn how then. just admired them.

    • I would love to see what you make, Noreen. Where will you be donating? What fun to see family – enjoy! (And if it gets overwhelming, just pull out your hook and yarn for a few moments. Settles my soul nearly all the time. 🙂 )

  3. Anonymous says:

    I coordinate a small group at church called Crafts with a Cause. When we make baby things, they might go to the Montana Rescue Family Shelter or to LaVie. When we make scarves they go either to the Montana Rescue Mission Men’s Shelter or to the Montana Rescue Mission Family Shelter. When we pack Valley Care Kits with items homeless might need we distribute to The above mentioned rescue missions or to the Vets Stand down held in Billings annually. Last year was the first donation to the Vets stand down but we made 150 care kits of it… The Men’s Rescue mission has asked us not to make the care kits but to donate large size shampoo/ conditioner/ shaving creme/ razors etc to the mission so that people who stay over night can use when they shower and they people don’t toss out what they can’t use immediately. This year the pastor at church asked us to concentrate on a specific group for a quarter of the year. Some people prefer to be involved when we make the care kits; others prefer to help with making scarves or baby things- some in this group crochet, some knit; some loom. (I prefer to crochet- & I have used your patterns for the crochet scarves almost exclusively). (We also donate to the high school students at schools where a member will have a contact person so that we know the scarves or gloves go to a homeless high school student). Next time we make these items I’ll see if I can get some pictures… I am terrible with a camera and trying to send a picture via email is a challenge for me. Noreen

    • Oh Noreen, I gasped – literally – when I read your comments. What a blessing to hear that people are using their talents, time and treasures to leave an imprint on the world around them. How many times I have heard that a simple gift of tangible love turned a heart from hurting to hope. It’s happened in my life – in fact, it happened again this week.

      I do hope you can get pictures and send them so we can all be inspired! Maybe there is a young person who could take a few photos and send them? Getting the different generations all working together toward common goals is just so precious to my heart. Thank you for sharing! It made a difficult week SO MUCH sweeter!

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