Reality Checks

Real Life

Reality Checks began in the summer of 2012.

With all new ventures, one begins small.

That’s why I took baby steps into reality in my Ducky Days

My Ducky Days

… walking through Mud Days of blinking and praying

Blinking and Praying

… and on to sharing Mud Days, Where God Still Dwells.

Reality Comes in Trust Bursts

Maybe that’s what it’s like for all of us.  The more we learn that God is faithful and all-knowing-anyway, the more we trust Him.

The more we trust Him, the more we can face reality.

We are more like Adam and Eve than we’d like to admit.

Hiding from reality – and hiding from the God who created reality – just doesn’t make sense in the full light of His Word.

We can hide in the light.

For years I hid, thinking I was hiding in the light, but really I pretending that the darkness didn’t exist.

When we don’t know, well, we just don’t know.

We can know, we just need to want to know.

We Can Trust Him with Reality

Once we know that …

  • God did create us and all that we see.
  • God did do so out of love.
  • We humans messed it up by our rebellion from His offer.
  • He has a new offer, a new covenant on the offering plate.

Reality Rose

And once we …

  • Accept His new offer of mercy and forgiveness at the cross.
  • Come back to the same cross and find it sturdy.
  • Have leaned heavily on His presence.

And we remember each time He …

  • Has caught us, lifted us, and continued to love us.

Then we can

  • Face reality a little bit more: His. Ours. Theirs.

The Reality

The reality is, even when we have faced His cross on our knees, we still fail.

Him. Ourselves. Each other.

And that leads us back to the cross.

Where we find mercy and forgiveness.

We find the cross sturdy.

We can lean heavily on His presence.


REALITY CHECK: Surely, I’m still a ducky hiding her head.  But I’m trusting God to work with the light that I do see.  I’m trusting Him for mercies in that which I don’t, or don’t want to, see.  All the while, I’m leaning heavily on His presence, finding His cross sturdy.

Now, that’s a reality I can quack about. 🙂

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