Serving at Home and Beyond

Looking for a cause to serve?

Serving is a gift of living.

How to Get Started Serving

When it comes to determining our personal preferences, we must ask ourselves questions to find answers.

How do you like to serve?

What talents or interests do you have?

What skills would you like to develop?


Maybe we have something in common?

Narrow Your Choices: Zing, Ping, Sing

Although our hearts want to do everything for all, we must also narrow down the recipients of our service.

What kinds of organizations make your heart zing?

What fallen world trials make your heart ping?

What kinds of people (age, culture, environment, life challenges) make your heart sing?

For example, I spent a year narrowing my crafting for charity choices down to three.

As needs change, my list morphs. But I always try to keep my crafting down to three charities. Any more than that and I start to feel a bit cuckoo!  

Take Your Time

It may take time to narrow down your choices. That’s ok! Offer to help with short-term commitments, or as my young friends taught me via card games: offer one-shot assistance.

Take one meal.

Make one hat.

Serve at one event.

Just think of all the people you will be able to help short-term while you are discovering where you want to help longer term.  🙂

Not quite the cause you are looking for?

Here is a longer list of causes – ones that tug my heart – but I have to leave these to the hands of others because time, money and talent are limited resources.

We truly can’t do it all, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do what we can.

 It’s Your Turn


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Discover Ways to Learn, Love, and Serve

at Home ... and Beyond



Discover Ways to Learn, Love, and Serve

at Home ... and Beyond

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