It seems stories on blogs come the way of stories on land, quite by a moving of the mind across the seas of time.  One thought leads to another, which leads to a story, and we pause our meal or our message, to tell a story.



However, blogs unlike meals, are designed (sad to say) like snacks in our day rather than meals.  We can interrupt a meal for a story, knowing that what awaits us is an evening of leisure (I do hope you enjoy evenings of leisure!) so the times-of-old family story becomes a leaning into the wave of companionship around the table.

With a snack, you might find it rude if I were to snatch the tortilla chip dunked in salsa from your hand, replacing it with a skewered Hawaiian meatball just as your taste buds were whetted for the crisp crunch of the chip.  And so pausing a post to tell a story would be.

The beauty of a blog is that time and space are our friends – thank you for taking the time to read this space! – so I can link to stories that come to mind, writing them before the post comes out.  If I ever miss a story I’ve hinted at, feel free to remind me what I’ve missed.

Now that thought itself leads to many stories, but these are the ones I’ve put pen to paper (uh, fingers to keys):


Thoughts ... Insights ... Questions?