Year-Round Shoeboxing: Paper Day (and a bit about foghorns)


Paper Day

Op-er-a-tion Christ-mas Child. My heart just beats this tune no matter what cacophony is sounding in my ears. Sometimes when we are in a fog, we need a foghorn guiding us along what would normally be a familiar path. Shoeboxes are my foghorn. And our women’s ministry coordinator pressed its ON button for me a few weeks ago. Red heart

Ahhhh, the familiar sound of the foghorn.

Yes, I’m listening to that YouTube audio up there ^^^.

Yes, over and over and over!

Yes, as I type.

And yes, it’s sooooo comforting.

Dead Seal Floating

Foghorns bring back memories of being on my daddy’s boat, the NVR-NO-WHN in California when I was growing up.

We got caught in a swift-moving dense fog once beyond the harbor.

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It Continues! Windows Beyond Shoeboxes

Did the new *no candy and no toothpaste* rule bother you?  Are you concerned about food and dental hygiene? Is your heart beating that direction and you feel like you just can’t pack a shoebox without meeting those needs?

Or maybe shoeboxing just isn’t your thing. But you know something MUST be your thing. Everyone has a thing.

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Meet Real Life Alex, Part 10: The End of the Conversation

In between Operation Christmas Child countdown posts, I have been sharing details from my real life meeting with Alex Nsengimana, Rwandan genocide survivor and shoebox recipient. Today is the last post of the series. For this year, anyway.  🙂

Alex Nsengimama

First Thought

My first thought, as I recognized Alex eating his breakfast at Chick-fil-A, was:

 He's Real

Second Thought

My second thought, which I’ve saved for the end of this series about Alex, was:

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It’s Here! Operation Christmas Child Countdown

OCC Countdown It's Here

It’s Here! It’s Here!

Every Christmas morning for 50+ years, I’ve heard the same joyously shouted words: Santa Claus came! Santa Claus came! Wake up! Santa Claus came!

The feeling returns every time I write the words:

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BONUS POST: 40 Families in the Virgin Islands

40 Families

Reprinted with permission from 40 Families in the Virgin Islands Facebook event:

In September two monster hurricanes hit the US territories of Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands one right after another. These storms wiped out homes and infrastructure and temporarily closed the tourist industry that provides jobs and livelihoods for the local residents.

Many families are left with nothing more than the shirts on their backs.

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