Home Work (and my apologies)

Sometimes, beyond has to wait. On occasion, even precious blog time has to be bumped out of the way to take care of home.

[PAUSEOh boy! How blog time had to be pushed out of the way!! Just as I went to publish this post on JAN 10th, I found my website was down. BOOM! As if life hadn’t already handed me a bowl full of moldy raspberries. Yuck. So here I am twelve whole days later, finally able to face cyber life long enough to find it took just a few moments to fix. I’m SO SORRY my blog was down and out for so long. I had to work on more at home than what you are about to see below. It’s been a difficult, difficult season of learning, loving and serving. And I may be failing in all three because I’m in a bit of survival mode, but I’m trying. Really, I am. I am trying and I am leaning hard on God. What else can I do?? Now … on with the original post …]

If home didn’t play a part in my life in a huge way, I would have just called this website Learn, Love and Serve at Beyond. But that sounds silly and just isn’t reality.

To have a beyond, we must have a home, at least of sorts.

I say all that to say …

You Have Snow, We Have Goo

My home was calling loud and clear yesterday (see pic above of steps and bottle of ammonia).

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Year-Round Shoeboxing: Paper Day (and a bit about foghorns)


Paper Day

Op-er-a-tion Christ-mas Child. My heart just beats this tune no matter what cacophony is sounding in my ears. Sometimes when we are in a fog, we need a foghorn guiding us along what would normally be a familiar path. Shoeboxes are my foghorn. And our women’s ministry coordinator pressed its ON button for me a few weeks ago. Red heart

Ahhhh, the familiar sound of the foghorn.

Yes, I’m listening to that YouTube audio up there ^^^.

Yes, over and over and over!

Yes, as I type.

And yes, it’s sooooo comforting.

Dead Seal Floating

Foghorns bring back memories of being on my daddy’s boat, the NVR-NO-WHN in California when I was growing up.

We got caught in a swift-moving dense fog once beyond the harbor.

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Making a Difference

Red Rose

The Rose Parade has been a family tradition as far back as I can remember. I even got to go once, but I don’t remember much of it due to bad dates fruit. Ick. Blech. The floats looked like and I felt like this:

Rose Parade_Bad Fruit

But the Rose Parade without poison coursing through various bodily tubes?

Ahhhh,, soooo pretty!

All those floats put together by bazillions of volunteers giving their time and gazillions of flowers and plant-based edibles giving their all.

Pink Rose of Colorado

Santa, Where Are You?

I must admit, I did look for Santa Claus a time or two. December went by in such a weird way that, I guess in my heart, I’d like a redo. But in this life – and the next – there will be no redos, just go on and dos, the theme (basically) for the Rose Parade!

The Rose Parade committee used the wording: “Making a Difference,” but the gist is the same. Smile

Making a Difference

No Santa, No Sinise?

I was over the moon to find out that Gary Sinise was the Grand Marshall for 2018, but I flipped to the dark side of the moon when I discovered I didn’t pop online in time to see him ride by.

Ah well, the show had to go on. Just like Gary Sinise does. On and on and on!

Gary Sinise has done phenomenal work with and for the veterans of the USA for several decades.

I came —> this close <— to seeing him at the Memorial Day celebration in DC, but alas he was celebrating a brand new grandbaby that weekend, which just warmed my heart toward him all the more knowing he chose family over service.

Home over beyond.

The Rose

Serve the Service

Speaking of family and service, I didn’t make our holiday delivery of baby goodies to the USO this year due to a few circumstances and situations.

I’m just letting the box fill as life wills.

If you have handmade or store-bought baby items you would like to donate to military families having babiesooooh, babies! – you can:



All the delivery details (tee hee, delivery) can be found here.

If you have questions, feel free to slide a note under the cottage door.

And off we go to a new year … making a difference!

#OneWordJan? Nah, Reality Strikes the Keyboard

God is Faithful

One word a day in January? Nah, December was long – very long. It’s time to let the fingers do a little keyboard dancing.

Did you know?

I choose when #OneWordDec words will go live at least a month in advance. I, like you, have no idea of what is actually going to happen in December, other than a few frivolities and the worship of the King of Kings born in a stable.

That’s right, there is no planning of words based on the activities, events or dramas of the day.

No Clue

So I had no clue that the words I chose would be so appropriate (most days) to the very things I would be experiencing. But God did. And once again He ministered to me, reassuring me that even when my world spins out of my control, it is not beyond His influence or knowledge.

Sorrow and Uncertainty

December 2017 held much sorrow for me and 2018 begins with much uncertainty.

Some realities are like that.

Wobbly Feelings and Certainty

But one thing I am sure of – although my feelings would like me to believe otherwise at times – God. is. faithful. He is faithful to keep His Word even when the world spins out of its orbit.

Ok, a figurative world spinning out of its figurative orbit.

But even if the Earth did spin off it’s spatial axis (that may not be the right science term, but you get it, right?), God remains faithful.

He’s just like that.

Some realities are.

Really Thankful

Speaking of realities, I want to most deeply thank the generous donor (who shares initials with my Savior, btw Red heart) for making this 2018 website possible.

My world is spinning so many directions simultaneously I can’t keep up with the decision making. She made this decision for me by her love, support and gift, and I am so, so grateful.

As much as I love to crochet, I do love to write. I hope you all like to read. Smile

Much love to you, my kind-to-share-worlds-together readers, as we begin this new year of expectations – and of the unexpected – in this reality called the Twilight Zone, uh, I mean, life. Winking smile

And off we go …


#OneWordDec: Word 31

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