Where Life Meets Homeschooling


Oh, how many places life crosses the path of homeschooling, and homeschooling the path of life.


On the surface of the edu-life sand, it seems obvious that crossings would occur.  However, it isn’t always apparent when we first begin the journey.  When we make the decision to homeschool, we tend to think of education.  And we think of life.  But not usually in the same sentence.


We begin thinking …

Homeschooling happens between the hours of 8 am and 2 pm.  Life happens on both ends of that clock face, but certainly not in the midst of it.  We have a schedule to keep!



However, soon after our first foray into the foundations of education, we discover life happens whenever life wants to happen whether we’ve penciled it in, or not.




Home education is certainly about the ABC’s and the 123’s, but it’s also about life and living it fully, all of our various paths intersecting and intertwining.


So … where does life frequently meet homeschooling?

(in alphabetical order)



 Homeschooling meet life.  Life meet homeschooling.



I like homeschooling and I like life.

(most of the time)


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