Who am I?

I’m taking this first year of retirement from homeschooling to rest, to explore interests, and to engage in ways that time and energy didn’t allow in the season of parenting children.  I’m still parenting, it’s just a different flavor.


I so appreciate the women who came before me who debunked the cultural lie:

You must do it all.  Today.  Now.


Do we try to do it all because we fear not having a tomorrow?

It’s true, we have no guarantee we will live through all the seasons, but we can slow down and enjoy the the season we are in.

When we slow down, we see the bigger picture of the world at large.  And that gives perspective.  And when we dig into God’s Word, we see His heart.


A Paradoxical Paradigm

Paradoxical:  having the qualities of a paradox, expressing contrasting – at times, contradicting – qualities.

I like this and I like that.

As you read my posts and pages, notes and thoughts, you’ll discover who I am and who I am.

For example, I like explaining and I like mystery.  🙂



If I were a pattern, my life would most resemble a crazy quilt.


A little of this, a little of that,

both matchy-matchy and not-so-much,

all tied together by the common thread …

of grace.

A Family Created

Homeschooling has been my life’s vocation, right next to my walk with God, neither of which have always followed a straight seam – rather like my sewing. 

Somehow, by God’s grace, the quilt gets made and God keeps me for Himself.

And He creates a family in the process. 

My firstborn, a son, is living on campus in college across the river; my last born, a daughter, is in college just around the corner from home. 

Both are growing into mature adults more rapidly than tissue boxes empty in pollen season.


Red Rose

God’s Faithfulness at Home and Beyond

Carrying that box of tissues – as a parent, as a wife, as a woman – I’ve walked through the occasional and chronic storms of life, as well as waited out the doldrums.

Through it all, God has been faithful to show His heart and His sense of adventure both at home and beyond.


If I Can Be of Help …

Just let me know!

If I can be of help to Him or to you through this blog – by Him helping me – I’ll be pleased as tropical punch on a humid day.


Welcome Home

– and beyond!


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