Why Health?


So you ask … isn’t there enough medical information out here in cyberspace?

Well, like my daughter’s doctor said recently concerning the potential for anaphylaxis from heat:  Yes.  And.

Yes, there is plenty of medical information out there.  Not all the answers – phooey, rats, and a herd of patience (and patients) waiting on more – but plenty of information.   Some of it good.  Some of it not so much.



AND … when life meets homeschooling in the health department, or lack of health department, the need is more than put-an-icepack-on-it-and-stay-off-your-feet-for-a-week helpful.

How are we supposed to care for our children, no less educate them, with our foot raised higher than their heads?

And what about when they are sick – and not just of pronouns and adjectives?




Or extended family members?  What happens when grandma or uncle gets sick?  “Oh, Suzanne will take care of them.  She doesn’t DO anything.  She just homeschools.


Uh, pardon me for having a life … but just homeschools?


When chronic health issues arise, education needs a paradigm shift.  Not a dump-it-into-the-trash-can-and-hope-for-the-best shift.  But a shift nonetheless.

And so … my heart:  To help those who are finding that life meets homeschooling at the hospital, in the emergency room, in the nursing home, or at Ronald McDonald House.  Or just as challenging, in our very own homes.




I like health and I like homeschooling.

(They just don’t always come on the same day.)



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